Hi, I'm Robin!

With 15 years of experience, I've applied human-centered design practices to dozens of products, cofounded a startup, and created experiences that have touched millions of people.

I design products and services that effectively bridge users’ needs with business goals and technological capabilities. I’m driven to make the complex both simple and efficient through thoughtfully considered human-centric products and ecosystems that are delightful and built to scale.

It's all about people

With experience on teams big and small, I’m passionate about people and figuring out how to improve their lives in a meaningful way – within digital products and also outside of the user interfaces that they interact with. I'm at my best when I get to wear many hats, make something meaningful come to life, and continuously learn from others.

Alignment drives success

I place a lot of value into cross-functional collaboration to deliver user value, resolve user problems, and achieve company objectives – this is accomplished by closely collaborating with product management, user research, engineering, data science, operations, customer service, strategy, localization experts, regulatory and compliance, legal, marketing, and branding. By being problem solvers together, we continuously improve documentation and processes that streamlines our multidisciplinary teams. I believe that effective design is accessible, useful, and invisible for everyone involved.

My current role

Currently, I manage and lead a team of talented designers at Expedia. My role is to both drive the end-to-end design vision and strategy for a portfolio of products and lead the design team that works on those products. My responsibilities are split into two categories: design strategy and design facilitation. I utilize design strategy to drive how we can move the experience of a product forward for end users and internal teams by designing, aligning, and optimizing product roadmaps and operations to better support customer journeys holistically. I believe in creating and empowering a self-sufficient team that allows designers to gain ownership and responsibility of their products. I’m also a supportive and active ally to my teammates and continuously emphasize the importance of psychological safety for an open and collaborative team culture.

Beyond the design

Outside of UX, I love film/photography, video games, food and boba adventures, animal rescue, and volunteering (ChickTech, Stubby’s Heroes, Be My Eyes). Thanks for stopping by and hit me up if you want to grab a coffee!